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28 Aug

My eyes slide, twitch and scratch against my tightly fastened eyelids

Yearning to view the unspoken wonders we often dare to dream

Coarse lashes cemented by the plaster of our shallowness

Accents of faded blues circling in the abyss of someone I once knew

Waiting for answers to whisper so gently into my defeated eardrums

I narrate unfeasible tales of a land more precious then which we occupy

There’s grander journeys to the skeletal body I possess

More then skin and fragile bones

I have a voice to be amplified, reaching the sorrow filled lives

We live off power, objects that expire, money wasted and superficial links

Survival is a part of this filthy game

Some have cheated the system, stealing the pieces of the weak

I forge ahead with no weapon other then my truth

My knowledge will guide my vitality through the thick trenches dug by the mad

With my youth comes wisdom, soul older then one can count

And at times I cannot comprehend how someone so small can stand so tall



28 Jul

The ones who made me and watched me grow.

They will never truly understand, nor will I show.

I have a unsettling premonition.

A vivid scene stuck on repetition.

My taste buds bathe in words I dare to speak.

Interruptions by the downcast truths that leave them weak.

I found this churlish bug that has left its foul scars upon my brain.

Incubating the notions of ‘no tomorrow’ slipping through my thin veins.

Fear not the forces that itch deep within my core.

My imperfections and the limited time are at war.

I do not side with either team.

It doesn’t matter, it seems.

Cause fighting against my fate is a battle already lost.

I’ve felt the pain and I know my cost.

Can’t mutter a syllable or paint a glimpse of my life to you.

Selfish I am, but I need to be heard too.

You hide from the knowledge that is nothing new.

Scared to admit what you know to be true.

I Will Die Trying

19 Jul

I view the weary world through a cracked magnifying glass.
There’s no competition against the enthralling, I cannot surpass.
The truth it crarries weighs down my scrawny hand.
Cause I often view from the lonely depths of no mans land.
Transcribing the images I drew in my twisted mind.
The facts are growing and cannot be pushed behind.
I speak positive words in hopes I will believe my own.
Between the lines are worries not shown.
There’s a path, I know, already set for my life.
But some points I have crossed have brought strife.
What am I to do, other then push ahead?
I will conquer all demons, I’ll be the last one dead.

A cold stare

17 Jul

I say to myself “just go with the flow”.
Drift wherever the unsettling wind may blow.
Stuck on a thought I’m unable to shake.
Sick off the poison from this villainous snake.
I await a touch, a gentle hand.
Someone who embraces life, who understands.
You see my friend, I’m a special one.
I won’t settle for that loaded pistol gun.
I’ve polished my smile so no individual could see.
The unsure choler that hovers deep within me.
My reality stares at me dead straight in the face.
This is your destiny, this is your place.
So I listen intensely with an open ear.
Trying not to depict discomfort, malice or sneer.
My hourglass is fixed to a battered table.
Each grain fallen leaves me feeling more unstable.
I greet each day as a new one arises.
Because there’s beauty in the trouble of all surprises.
So I sit and I ponder as to what it is I repeatably seek.
Cause these souls I turn to for answers are miserably bleak.

The Jury

15 Jul

The image you see does not define me. My stature is small, but I hold more power then any. Peel back the layers of my fair skin, salted by tears I have shed. Judged by many, too ashamed to call me a friend. No mortal chooses to see whats within. Fads come and go, as do people too. Pushed aside like last seasons fashion, in line for something new. Keep peeling past my flesh, only protection from the corrupt. Exposure of my bones, vulnerable yet strong. So I ask the jury are you guilty too? Cause I know if Im judging you, you must be judging me too.


11 Jul

There is a part of myself, I am ashamed to admit

That I wish I could kill, call it quit.

Selfish it may seem, from the tone of my defeated voice

I am fixed in this fragile body, but not by choice.

So I waste myself away, silencing my conscience existence

Convincing myself to perish, fading out in the distance.

Morbid I have been called, truth hard to swallow whole

Jagged mentality, searching for my positive pole.

Fearless of slipping off the earths surface, exploration of the hereafter

Unsure if this cage I sustain will accompany, curious of the life to be lived after.

I am sure to find what was once mine, possessing the knowledge to help guide

In time I will see the day I await, till then I hold my head with pride.

Who knew?

3 Jul

My mom once told me not to stare at the sun.
“The glazing rays will kill you Hun.”
My eyes remain peeled open, ignoring the wise advice.
Bursting with ecstasy, craving a slice.
To my surprise I stumbled across my shadow, chasing a temporary high.
Unsatisfactory, rummaging for an ally.
The past has casted its plans on my soul.
Marked with permanent ink, yearning control.
Some argue about our destination after we’re gone.
Hell is the life you’ve created, the life you have drawn.
These mistakes I have attempted to forget, the burns in my eyes.
I cannot erase the unfortunate events, that I won’t deny.
Shed the old and grow with the new.
We have choices, who would have knew?