28 Aug

My eyes slide, twitch and scratch against my tightly fastened eyelids

Yearning to view the unspoken wonders we often dare to dream

Coarse lashes cemented by the plaster of our shallowness

Accents of faded blues circling in the abyss of someone I once knew

Waiting for answers to whisper so gently into my defeated eardrums

I narrate unfeasible tales of a land more precious then which we occupy

There’s grander journeys to the skeletal body I possess

More then skin and fragile bones

I have a voice to be amplified, reaching the sorrow filled lives

We live off power, objects that expire, money wasted and superficial links

Survival is a part of this filthy game

Some have cheated the system, stealing the pieces of the weak

I forge ahead with no weapon other then my truth

My knowledge will guide my vitality through the thick trenches dug by the mad

With my youth comes wisdom, soul older then one can count

And at times I cannot comprehend how someone so small can stand so tall


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