My Mother is On Facebook

13 Aug

To the left is a picture of my mom as a baby.  I absolutely love pictures.  Especially if the picture is old, as if each rip and wrinkle tells a story.  I am hoping once my mom gets her new Laptop at the end of the month, she’ll start blogging as well.  Her stories are amazing.   And if you were to sit with her for a while and really got the chance to know her, you would understand why she is who she is.

Its beautiful, that bond a child has with a mother.  But, it’s even more amazing when you consider her to be one of your best friends.  I’m not embarrassed to say I love my mom more then life itself.  I’m not going to say my mom has never embarrassed me, but it takes a lot for her to do so.  As a kid, I always remember my friends and I having such comfort around her to always be ourselves.  She always treated me like a mini adult.  She gave me choices in life and allowed me to pave my own road.  She has been my rock, and I believe in some ways I’ve been hers as well.  We share a bond that I’m sure some find odd.  But I do not care.

My mom has always been close to me.  We’ve have been through hell and back.  She has sacrificed a lot to make sure my needs were met.  She has sat for hours in hospitals with me and has wiped away many of my painful tears.  Granted, every relationship has its up’s and downs, but nothing could ever make me forget the times my mom has held my hand or made me laugh in my hardest moments.

My mom is quite the character.  And whoever knows her to any degree, will agree with me.  My mom is witty, fun, driven, compassionate, honest, opinionated, silly, wise, beautiful, talented, crazy and free spirited.  She is everything and more.  You can’t not love her for who she is, even if you don’t always understand her.  And the older I become, the more I see her in myself.  I believe I get my love for life from her.

My mom is my friend on Facebook.  I approved her friendship without hesitation when I first made my account back in 2005.  And prior to Facebook, my mom was my friend on Myspace.  You would think I would dislike the idea of my mom seeing every detail of my life for her to analyze and later become disappointed in me.  But, the truth is, I could never withhold information about my life from my mom because I value her opinion.  And she never shows disappointment in me, only love.  And though I may not agree with everything she has to say, I still listen with an open ear and save her advice for later.

I remember when Facebook was just becoming a big fad and a bunch of my friends were complaining how they were upset their parents were befriending them and their friends.  I’ve always been the opposite.  My mom was always welcome to be my “friend”.  I mean the least I could do is add her.  She did pop me out of her vagina.  So without her, I wouldn’t even be on Facebook.  I would be non-existent.  And, the funny thing is that my friends ask my mom to be her friends.  Well, that might just because she’s a hot momma! Does it irritate me? Not at all.  She’s a big part of my life and I have nothing to hide from her.  I’ve always believe that if I’m doing something that I’m too embarrassed to tell my own mother about, I shouldn’t be doing it in the first place.  Sure enough, my mom is usually the first to “like” or comment on anything half worth writing on, but I love it.

I’m not saying my mom and I never get on each other nerves or that we don’t argue.  Trust me, we do.  I am a very opinionated and strong-headed woman as well, so we can get heated.  The older I become the closer my mom and I grow.  I moved out for 2yrs to live with my dad, hoping that would be a good transition for me to later live independently.  But, we had no idea the cost it entails for a disabled individual to live completely independent. And since my dad was moving out of the L.A area, I decided it’d be best to move back in with my mom as a roommate/caregiver situation.  It wouldn’t be like the mother/daughter arrangement we had in the past.  Now that we both have independent incomes, our own social lives, and a great bond, life has never been better.  I’ve always considered my mom a friend of mine, but now, we hold no expectations of one other.  I’m sure some do not agree with having their mom so involved in their lives, but I don’t see her as a mom.  Of course she’ll always be mom, but she’s also a friend.  She is not an image of me, nor am I a image of her.  But I am proud to be called her daughter.

My mom is one of a kind.  It takes a certain person to keep up with her.  But, I know this much, she has a genuine heart.  She doesn’t do anything out of spite and she takes responsibility for herself.  She has taught me to be the person I am today.  And, even in her own mistakes, she has taught me what not to do. We have both grown individually while apart for those 2 years.  Living with her again for the last 4 months has been better then ever.

My mom may not be the perfect definition of what a mom should be, according to others.  But to me she’s everything and more.  I know recently she feels like Facebook isn’t for her and she’s considered deleting her account.  If she were to leave I would miss her virtual friendship.  Even though she’s in the next room from me and I can “poke” her in person. I wish everyone would give their mom a break.  Because like my mom always says, “I was cool before you were!”

Go add your mom!


2 Responses to “My Mother is On Facebook”

  1. Larry Parrott August 13, 2011 at 4:56 PM #

    Hello.This post was really remarkable, particularly since I was looking for thoughts on this issue last Saturday.

    • Chloe Blohm August 20, 2011 at 7:58 PM #

      I’m happy you enjoyed my post. Feel free to subscribe and keep on reading what I have to say! 🙂

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